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    Residential and business technical support. All areas of 

    technology covered, WiFi, POS, networking, printer management, VPN, remote access.

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  • Working from Home?

    Most consumer WiFi Routers do not provide  medium to large Australian homes with adequate Whole Home WiFi Coverage. Contact Max Technology to see how we can  quickly and cost efficiently cover your entire household. Outdoors / Indoors. 
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    Max Technology helps businesses manage their remote workforce. Unified remote management software and on-call technical support
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Working from home is great, until you discover that the only place you can actually do any work while connected isn't convenient. 

Expand your network to Whole Home WiFi. Even that spot in your garden. 

Where we can help -Residential or Business

Networking is complex. Let us take care of infrastructure making technology connect seamlessly. Smart home devices, streaming, laptops, iPads, smart TV's gaming, office equiment, everything will work better, faster and more reliably.

Installation - Maintenance - Support

Design - Support

Tech Support
​Residential - SME

​Residential - SME

See How we can help...

Max Technology provides solutions to residential and business customers, contact us today to see how we can assist your household and business connect better. 

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